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Sunshine Treatment Institute LLC is here to provide you with focused, effective, and personalized outpatient rehabilitation and care.

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young woman having hard timeAt Sunshine Treatment Institute LLC, one of our treatment methods is to use Suboxone. Now, you might be asking, what exactly is Suboxone? Basically, Suboxone is an approved medication used to treat opiate dependence and it is one of the two forms of Buprenorphine – an opiate agonist that was initially developed in order to treat pain. What makes Suboxone valuable and unique in our addiction treatment is that it is considered a partial agonist.

Basically, this means that with low doses, it can act as any other opiate that suppresses pain. However as the dosage increases, it will start to block your brain’s opioid receptor which doesn’t allow it to be stimulated. This allows our clinicians to stop withdrawal symptoms from manifesting. Moreover, with our Suboxone treatment, our patients won’t be able to get high on other opiates. For example, if you are currently taking Suboxone and you use heroin, you won’t feel any high from the illicit drug you took.

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How Being Sober is So Much Better

Being able to have a clear mind to make decisions – good decisions – for yourself is one you can look forward to after getting sober. Learn more about these treatment programs…

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