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Sunshine Treatment Institute LLC is here to provide you with focused, effective, and personalized outpatient rehabilitation and care.

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Drug Testing

young adult consulting a doctorDo you suspect a loved one or a friend of abusing drugs – be it legal or illegal drugs? Being able to verify what drugs they are taking is an important first step in dealing with a drug dependency or addiction problem.

However, broaching the topic of drug testing on the person you suspect of drug misuse can be difficult. In cases like this, it would be best if you took a soft approach – tell them your concerns and that even if it is true, you are still there to support them.

If they deny your suspicion, ask them if they are willing to undergo drug testing. This is where we at Sunshine Treatment Institute LLC come in. We are here to provide a safe and private place where you can undergo drug testing to settle your concerns once and for all.

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How Being Sober is So Much Better

Being able to have a clear mind to make decisions – good decisions – for yourself is one you can look forward to after getting sober. Learn more about these treatment programs…

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